At Liquidity Bistro our focus is on seasonal, sustainable, artful food. We are particularly excited to start our own farm garden here at the winery in 2018. It is incredibly important for people to know the story behind their food, and this will provide diners with access to hyper-local ingredients that they can actually see growing onsite. We are also partnering with some amazing local farmers and businesses who share and support our beliefs.


Bistro is now CLOSED for the season. Will reopen March 2019.

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Meet Head Chef Matt Martin

Matt’s love of food and cooking started when he was very young, he had an interest in anything different and loved to sit in the vegetable garden and eat anything he could get his hands on. He loved to cook with his grandmother and was always interested in all the different foods the international students that lived with his family were eating.

As a teenager Matt briefly worked as a busboy when he was 14 but saw all the people in the kitchen and wanted to be on that side of things instead. Matt found a job as a dishwasher and then worked his way up through the ranks, quickly moving through all the positions in a kitchen. Matt came to work at Liquidity Bistro with Chef Rob Walker in 2015 and Rob nurtured Matt’s creativity by allowing him the freedom to create features and fresh sheets. Matt then worked along side Chef Lee Humphries at Vintage Hospitality working in four different kitchens and learning organisational skills, to think on his feet and adapt to situations. As Matt’s passion grew so did his voracious appetite to learn about many different cooking techniques, chefs, restaurants, culinary beliefs and styles of food. Matt has an insatiable appetite for books and learning, when he is not in the kitchen he can almost always be found with his nose in a culinary book.

Matt decided to further his knowledge with travel, first to Thailand and then to Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. Matt worked at Relae, a certified, Michelin-starred restaurant in Copenhagen owned by chef Christian Puglisi. It was at Relae that Matt learned about sustainable, local, organic cuisine. He learned about caring for the ingredients, the land and the animals.  Matt spent some time working on the restaurant farm called The Farm of Ideas and here his passion for fresh local organic ingredients grew to a new level.

Matt has embraced the European love of enjoying food and showcases his love of individual ingredients in every dish he creates. He has surrounded himself with a team of passionate like minded young chefs and together they will be creating sustainable, seasonal and artful plates.

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