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    February 27, 2019 | Liquidity Wines

    Richard Hudson: Twisted Sculpture

    Located in our new Dividend Tasting Lounge is Twisted, a sculptural work by the celebrated UK sculptor Richard Hudson. 

    Proudly presenting “Twisted” by the renowned UK sculptor Richard Hudson. Richard is an acclaimed contemporary sculptor whose monumental and smaller scale works have achieved global recognition. Hudson pares down iconic shapes such as the heart, teardrop, and human form, leaving only the essence of meaning. Traditional ideals of balance and harmony are sculpted in hard polished steel yet retain softness in elongated lines and curves.

    While many artists cite inspiration from masters such as Constantin Brancusi and Henry Moore, Hudson’s work moves beyond this lineage to innovate forms through process and materials. Based in a quest for classical beauty, the works open up a distinctly contemporary dialogue between the viewer and changing forms of (urban) landscape to probe a deeper investigation into the human psyche. 

    It is for this reason that Hudson’s work is placed in distinguished private collections and in landmark public spaces in Europe, USA, China, Russia, Malaysia, Mexico, South America and Turkey amongst others Richard Hudson has installed over 50 monumental sculptures in renowned private collections, public places and sculpture parks around the world.



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